I’m Rachel McFadden (no relation to Irish boyband members or friendly ghosts, unfortunately), and I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer hailing from Western Sydney. I have a focus on web and print design, and a keen interest in information design and branding. I am best described as a quiet, calm, and friendly introvert, and when I’m not chained to my computer I’m exploring the mountains, taking naps and spending way too much money on tickets to musicals. I also spent four (far too short) years living across the sea in London, where I first started to realise that I wanted to be a designer (up until that point I was set on becoming a professional chef!).

My love for design has taken many forms over the years – from my obsession with drawing up perfect title pages in all of my primary school exercise books, and painting and repainting murals on my bedroom walls, through to my current habit of mentally rearranging the text on billboard advertisements as I’m driving down the highway. I love anything that makes the world a little more beautiful, and I aim to channel that passion into my design work.

I have a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (with Distinction) from Western Sydney University, and am currently working as a designer at a boutique strategic design studio in Surry Hills. I have also worked on various freelance projects with clients from commercial businesses to not-for-profit organisations, and I love being able to work on such a diverse range of projects that ensure there’s always something new to learn.