Project Type: Editorial, Print
Client: Student Brief, University of Western Sydney, 2015



To design, write and produce a cultural publication under the title of 'Contour'. The class was assigned different roles and responsibilities for the project - I was assigned the role of Designer, and with one other student I was in charge of designing layout 'furniture' (page numbers, headers and footers, navigational system, etc.), and ensuring all contributed articles and student layout designs were consistent with the style guide. The final magazine was printed and hand-stitched with a reflective perspex cover, as well as a 3D printed copy of the thumbprint logo. 

The philosophy we chose for the publication was based on contours of time and the idea of contours on a topographic map, and how one can 'traverse' through space and time. I designed the logo that was selected for the publication, which was based on the idea that each person leaves their own personal imprint on the spaces they occupy.


In collaboration with:

Cara Kennett-Tribe
Gabriel Barra
Hayley Douglas
Jordan Bratusa
Carmelo Tablan
Sean Sonter
Dylan Gage
Andrej Drenoski
Adam Bills
Vasilis Sievas
Andrew Heinecke
Rachel McFadden
Rhiannon Mills
Kaylie Irving
Thomas Hayes
Natasha Popovic
Elicia Prasad