Project Type: Print
Client: Student Briefs, University of Western Sydney, 2013-2016



Design a poster in response to the question 'What is Design Good For?'. I chose to convey the idea that good (and bad) design is everywhere we go, and there are many examples of beautiful, elegant, useful design, but that the best designed things are the ones we do not even realise are designed. I wanted to show through this poster that when an experience is seamless and quiet is when great design is being practiced, and hopefully make people think about how much design really goes into their built environments and the entertainment, products and media that they consume on a daily basis.





Design a poster surrounding the theme of 'Refuge' that challenges commonly held stereotypes about Western Sydney in relation to refugees, immigration and racism.



Take a look in any newspaper and you will likely find an article talking about Western Sydney as though it was a cultural black hole, full of bogans and racists. In reality, Western Sydney is a diverse mixture of cultures and communities, built on rich history of immigration, creativity and innovation. This poster encourages people to pull back the stereotypes and look beneath the surface to see the real story of the West and the people that have built a new life in the diverse and rich communities of our region.




Design a poster showcasing a well-known typeface and its history.